Monday, October 31, 2011

Dream Job in food

I am a die hard Food Network and Cooking Channel fanatic. If you were home with me most of the time that is what I am watching. In invy Guy Fieri because I would love to travel and try all kinds of food. I wasn't blessed to be rich and have the money to travel and try food. I love the show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives". I have tried a couple of places in the area that he has been. I usually watch the show with my husband and we always plan to try new places to try.

Triple X, Lafayette, IN
I tried the "Duane Purvis All American" Burger. This is the buger that has the peanut butter on it and I loved it. I would go back there just to eat it again. My husband had the steak burger that Guy had on the show and liked it. We didn't like the root beer since it was way to much for both of it. The day we went Purdue football team was playing so we didn't have a long wait to get it to eat. Shortly after we sat down the game let out and people started coming in. When we were getting ready to leave a couple guys came in and only ordered what Guy had ordered to eat. We enjoyed our food and look forward to go back.

3 Sisters Cafe, Broad Ripple, Indiana
The first time we went we couldn't get a seat and the guy told us to come back another time since the wait was so long. So one day while we were out walking the Monon Trail we decided to go there and eat. We split the turkey club sandwich and we loved it. We were glad that we split it since it would have been too big for just one of us. Our experience was good that time when we were able to eat. The guy who waited on us kept track of us and talked to us. We said that next time that we would try more of the menu.

Steer Inn, Indianapolis
The first time we went in this place I loved the "twin steer" burger the moment that I took a bite. The service was great the first time but since then it hasn't been that great. The mom who is the owner is really nice when she talks to you. The food was really good and the only reason that I will go back. I would send people there and will go back.

Those are the places that we have been thanks to the show and will go to many more when we get the chance. We love food in our house and I think that we should all try new experiences. If you have never watched the food then you are missing something because Guy is funny.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I would love feedback.

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