Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting ready for the holiday meals

Since I love to cook this year I think that I will make us a Thanksgiving meal after doing dinner with my parents. My thought is to buy a turkey breast since white meat is better for you. I try to encourage healthy eating all year long. I try to buy healthy snacks but they don't always eat them. I know that I want to do turkey breast but I don't know what to do for my sides since my son won't eat green beans. My son and I will eat sweet potatoes but my husband won't. I would like to do mashed potatoes with maybe half cauliflower. I know that I can make glazed carrots but use a lighter syrup.

My family loves to eat salad so I will have to have a salad made for them. My mom is the best at making stuffing so I don't think that I will make it. I thought about having my son make yeast rolls for us to eat. In years past I have purchased the meal from the store then just heated things up. I want this meal to be like future meals that are healthy for us to eat. In my family I grew up that we were all together for the holidays and that's what I want my son to know more than anything. My son turns 14 on Thanksgiving this year so it should be a good year for him.

Turkey Breast

Mashed Potatoes

Glazed Carrots

Yeast Rolls


Apple or Cherry Dessert

Since my son is homeschooled we have been working on the new plate of what we should be eating at each meal. I always try to make sure that each part of the plate is covered. Since he is a picky eater I try to make sure that he at least tries something new when I do something new.

Since my last doctor's visit I am going to do all I can to cut out fats and oil. I am trying to use less butter, margine, and oil. I try to encourage not purchasing fried foods. I will bake as much as I can and use cooking spray to cut out the fat.

On Monday my son is making up the grocery list and we are going to plan this week's meals together. I want him to know why it's so important to plan and budget out our meals. I am trying to give him the life skills he needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. I want him to know how to cook and to know how to take care of himself when he is on his own.

If there are any ideas that you would like me to try just leave a comment and I will attempt something new.

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