Friday, October 21, 2011

New Start- Food

In the last year I have since started documenting what I make for dinner. I would like to show the world what I cook and the ideas that I have. I will now be showing all of you what I make and my food experiences. I love to cook for my family and in the proccess of teaching my 14 year old how to cook with yeast and I will be showing you what he has created. I would love to get feedback from everyone.
Right now I am in the proccess of making yeast rolls to go with dinner. Tonight's dinner is tuna cakes with a salad from Marsh and my yeast rolls. I won't lie that I do purchase salads from the store since I don't have the products to make the salad at home. I try to plan my meals in advance so that I can teach my son that if we plan we can make the most of the things that we have.
I get ideas and recipes from Kraft, Cooking Light, Taste of home, and Weight Watchers. I also take ideas and use them for my own. I will post pictures as I go along. Thank you in advance for all the feedback.

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