Monday, October 24, 2011

Favorite Chefs/Cooks

Most of you can probably guess that I am a die hard Food Network and Cooking Channel watcher. I thought this time I would tell you who I take inspiration from. I take recipes that I get from several online sites and magazines. AllYou and Kraft books are two of my favorites but I also get FoodNetwork and Rachael Ray magazines as well.

Guy Fieri
Kelsey Nixon
Ina Garten
Giada De Laurentis
Lisa Lillen
Chuck Hudges
Nigella Lawson
Ree Drummond
Sandra Lee
Claire Robinson
Rick Bayless

I love to cook and these people are the reason why the FoodNetwork is popular.

Update: Southwestern Quick Brown Rice recipe that I posted is the one that I am going with.
Note: the recipe turns out spicy so if you don't want it that spicy cut back on the taco seasoning

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