Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sorry have been away

Well as you can see that I have been up to cooking lately. I have started cooking for the holidays. I made pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins for some neighbors. I also tried couscous with Tuscan chicken that I got the recipe from my new Robin Miller Take 5 book. I have been trying a lot new recipes. I got my kitchen Aid mixer at home so I have been making all kinds of things. We really enjoyed the Tuscan Chicken dish and will be making it again soon. I also got the new Baking Cooking Light book and have made the Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal pancakes, and the whole wheat pancakes too. My family has been pretty happy with me being on this cooking stride. I have been having a lot of fun cooking for my family and my neighbors. I will take pictures and post the new things that I make, I haven't always remembered to take the pictures.

Robin Miller Take 5
Baking Cooking Light

I would recommend that you get these books. I will post the other things that I make. I would love some feedback on what you think I should make and if anything you would eat. Scotty my 14 year old likes the new things that I have been making and he is usually the one who doesn't like new things but he can't wait now when I make pancakes. I have other cookbooks that I have added and I will have to get the names to you when I write them down.

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